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Weird Bunny Banana

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Kiss 1 5 Points

Kiss 1

Kiss 10 5 Points

Kiss 10

Kiss 11 5 Points

Kiss 11

Kiss 12 5 Points

Kiss 12

Kiss 13 5 Points

Kiss 13

Kiss 14 5 Points

Kiss 14

Kiss 15 5 Points

Kiss 15

Kiss 16 5 Points

Kiss 16

Kiss 2 5 Points

Kiss 2

Kiss 3 5 Points

Kiss 3

Kiss 4 5 Points

Kiss 4

Kiss 5 5 Points

Kiss 5

Kiss 6 5 Points

Kiss 6

Kiss 7 5 Points

Kiss 7

Kiss 8 5 Points

Kiss 8

Kiss 9 5 Points

Kiss 9

Gameboy Fan 10 Points

Finish Gameboy World

Wood Master 25 Points

Finish Woods of Doom stage

Hell Mas Master 50 Points

Finish Hell-Mass stage

Author Comments

It seems that the difficulty of the game is intimidating... will you be able to pass further level 3?

Nobody had found the BDSM Santa.



Short platformer. Help Weird overcome the 3 stages of the game. Try not to lose all your lives or you'll have to start over. The game has a in-game global leaderboard as long as you are logged into NG.

Stage: Woods of Doom - 10 Levels

Stage: Hell-Mass - 8 Levels

Stage: Gameboy Memories - Includes the tutorial and 4 bonus levels.

Your best time will be submitted to the leaderboards only if you complete each stage.


MOVE - Arrow Keys / WASD / GamePad

DASH - X Key / K Key / R1/RT Gamepad

RUN - Hold shift key / Hold J key / Hold B Gamepad

JUMP - Up Arrow / A button Gamepad

Every 100 bananas = extra life

Every 15K points = extra life

Kiss your dumb bunny girlfriend just for fun and for the medals.

I created this project just for fun, was a practice for: level design, character design, pixel art and api integrations. So, have fun!

Check out my other games!


NEWS Feb 09,2020:

Release Notes:

  • Full support for gamepads. Now all the UI responds to the gamepad controls.
  • As asked by some: Coyote Jump.
  • Awesome audio tracks.
  • In-game leaderboards bug corrections


NEWS Jan 27,2020:

Release Notes:

  • Bug corrections for some players with Dash while using an XBox Controller
  • Jumps flips where moderated since some players experienced lack of control. This was only visual, but it didn't feel right, so Weird still can flip but after certain time running.
  • Added controls help if the game detects a Gamepad connected.
  • More bugs, just in case I get bored.

Have fun!


NEWS Jan 5,2019:

New EASY stage with Gameboy look & feel. More fun but frantic.

Bug corrections.


NEWS Jan 3,2019:

Full-screen mode is asked at the begining of the game.

Now for every 2 kisses of your dumb girlfriend grants you a permanent extra life.

New keys mapped for flexibility:

  1. JUMP - Up Arrow / Space Bar / C Key
  2. DASH - X Key / K Key
  3. RUN - Left Shift / Z Key / J Key
  4. MOVE - AD / Left Right Arrows

UPDATES: Some players experienced the "invalid domain" error. Several of my HTML5 games were stolen in the past and were monetized without sending back any compensation, so I implemented a lock system to prevent this. It is still in Beta, sorry for the inconvenience, however it seems that was just a minority but was anoying though. Already Corrected!

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Too annoyingly hard I didn't like it. It's hard to tell what the hell is going on on screen, as you don't know whether something is part of background or part of game. Controls are slippery and I wish I could change the controls, because the way they are know I mistakenly press the wrong buttons. The game relies too much on pixel perfection, while the player can't fully control the character. Graphics are well done, but that's it.

Really fun game, with retro graphics. Medals are a nice touch.. However, I completed Gameboy Memories, but didn't get the medal. :(. Also, no matter what controls I use, they feel a little... awkward. It's hard for me to play for more then 5 minutes without taking a break. Finally, I noticed that some times, when I pick up the coins, or whatever they are, they dont always get picked up, which is a minor annoyance. Either way, it's still a fun throwback game.

TristanMX responds:

Thanks for playing! The game actually has several combinations of keys (ASDW, ARROWS, SPACE BAR, J, K, Z, X,C), and even supports gamepads in case you feel more comfortable with it. It was designed to be hard. And about your medals, the game also re-sends the medals every time you enter the menu, you can actually see you were granted the game-boy medal. Perhaps you just needed to refresh. Have fun! :)

Very awesome and addictive game, I'll keep it to play more.

TristanMX responds:

Ty dude! Aaand in case you get bored (link) Have fun and thanks for playing!


Very fancy game! The presentation is top-notch with a lot of pizazz to it, and it doesn't stop with just the game sprites, but the menus and UI as well. A very generous amount of content is in here as well, especially considering the gameboy world (little confusing to have it on the right side considering its the tutorial? not really a tutorial though, I'd say its just a bonus level). Some of the movement controls are a bit fiddly though: it feels like the flip changes the way you jump and to avoid confusion I'd prefer to just have a regular jump instead (or make all jumps flips). Could use some "coyote jumping" mechanics as well: lot of deaths due to the game not registering a last minute jump on an edge. Also there were jumps where the platform was a little too high right above you and you had to run in place to reach it? It's a really solid game and I'd love to play more of it; just needs a little polish on the movement to make it feel as smooth as the presentation is.

TristanMX responds:

Thanks for playing dude! I've been thinking about the coyote time seriously, I feel that it should be added. Now for the flips, I moderated them. In the original version, you flipped all the time, but the animation gave a sensation of miss control, so I decided to trigger the flip only after certain amount of time in the ground. The game is supposed to demand precision, as in mario maker, so for some jumps, you do have to keep pressing the run button, otherwise, you won't make it. I also moved the Gameboy as a bonus, lots of confusion with the original version of the game lol... nobody played when Woodlands was the first, then everybody complained when Gameboy was the first (is a mario copy, wah wah wah...), so screw them lol... now I took the decision of mixing it: gameboy for the tutorial, and Woodlands as the featured level where you can see the nice appealing of the game.

Thanks again for your comments, and enjoy the gameplay!

Ha loved it!
Better than the original Mario bros!
Good graphics, enemies, level design but the music wasn't great tbh. I liked the 8-bit retro-ness of it but it kinda bugged me for some reason.

Otherwise, great game

Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2020
7:55 PM EST