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A fresh Y2K20 video for all of you. FinFin on Teo the Magic Planet was a pet simulator game released in 1996 by Fujitsu. There was a whole eurodance-type soundtrack released separate from the actual game that went massively under the radar. The track in this video "Come and See Him" I think as of now the only upload of it has 27k views from a 2006 upload. I'll go ahead and link to an archive site where you can find all the art and extra stuff made for the game. I'm hoping there will be renewed interest in FinFin as well as the 'Y2K' style from the late 90's and early 2000's.

Have a happy new year and a new decade. Happy Y2K2.

Directed and Edited by Spencer Xavier

-Twitter- https://twitter.com/spencexavier

-Instagram- rotten.pie

Starring Hale Baskin

-Instagram- thesouthpawpreachers

Cover Art by Green Rachel

Twitter- https://twitter.com/Green_R_Jelly

FinFin Archive Site: https://www.finfin.de/index_e.htm

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this is the best aesthetic, I'm happy

is that you YOU ARE BEUTIFULL love the toon and the music. happy year fo 2020!!!!!!

It feels like Zoboomafoo is up next.