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Royal Merchant

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Your Majesty! Welcome to your domain!

Blending together traditional RPG systems, tycoon mechanics, and a fantasy overworld. You will manage a team of Heroes, Crafters and Own Castle. Heroes are sent out on quests in order to fight enemies and gather materials. Crafters then use those materials to create weapons and armor. Castle can be upgraded to serve as training grounds or party organizer for your heroes. After crafting your new shiny items - they can be sold or bestowed to your favorite heroes.
It can be played at any screen resolution. You can adjust in options - the number of windows, scale, etc.
Not sure how on NG change game window.
This is a full game - 30mb. It doesn't have music or sounds - so it would load faster.
Some tabs - will slow on first time to open them - after cashing it will run smoothly.

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seams nice but crush when on loading in firefox and unplayable lagish on chrome

Not sure if it's just on Chrome but this game lags like crazy and I don't see any options to reduce the graphics quality.

Occasionally the timer is stuck at zero (so instant-finish on crafting and instant travel) - so most quests fail as I cannot get another party member to back up the primary merc.

EDIT - Does not always happen when switching tabs - sometimes when running back-to-back missions or doing multiple things at once (mission, making weapons, selling loot - multitasking). It also does this when switching tabs, but clears itself after a minute or two. Running Chrome, if it helps. Minor annoyance, not game-breaking in the least.

Badim responds:

Does this happen when you switch to other tabs?