Airpain! - DEMO

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Rules : Fly above the red flags and below the blue flags or just touch the flags themselves. You have 3 lives, you loose lives by crashing in the water. Collect as many flags as you can.

Tips :
1. When the game is first starting keep a finger on the gas and the finger on the up buttons. You will have a few seconds to get used to the controls before the flags start coming.
2. When the blue flags are close to the water you can touch it with your tail and still get it.
3. Going slower will help you to not miss any flags and keep you from crashing into the water.
4. Also being male or female dosnt change the physics of the plane ;).


Thanks to everyone who gave me any feed back, even if all you said was "make it ungay". I will take in all your sujestions and try to apply all of them and all the stuff i have thought of myself and also improve the engine so it isnt all jiggery and screws up the plane rotation so it points you twords the water as soon as you start ;)


comment about music: When i first come up with the concept for this game it was planed to look like a game boy game from a downward y perspective and only be gray and dark green... so when i was looking for the music i was looking for something really kinda corny and sound kinda like a midi... something to keep in mind

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Too Easy

Just press RIGHT & UP button and you can never lose!!! PS: The graphics are boring!


Ok..that was lame...

pretty ok stuff

i kinda like it, i've been commenting on crappy movies and games all day today... merry christmas dude, u finally brought me to something good on newgrounds

FIE responds:

thanks :) i cant wait until i get the whole thing done, it will be great.

One word:


'nuff said

This fucking sucked.

If you have to keep your finger on the up button to not crash, and another on the forward to also not crash, and keep bobbing up and down like a hooker with a John regardless, you have some SERIOUS issues with both physics (my major in college) and programming. Rectify both.

FIE responds:

no, you have to keep your finger on the up button when the game first starts... the whole point of this is balencing your speed and rotation.. it starts you out at like 50mph its good to stay around 60... hmm.. anyways... its just a game.. (game demo at that) and the physics arnt supposed to be perfect on this... i mean... you dont want to take 10 seconds to get from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen.. it just wont be any fun... i think i will make the controls and responces a little less sensitive though..

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2.13 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2002
11:41 AM EST
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