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Magus Elgar: Lizard Cheeks

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Penorma Tower, once a Magus tower that was rooted in the mountains, now floats free of Hearth thanks to the (accidentally) reactivated float glands of a dead nebeluga whale. Udo Malaaki and Kaylee Fawn visit the owner, Magus Sagari, to discuss dealing with a S.T.A.M.P. (Scientific Tool Augmented with Magical Power).

This is an animated snapshot of Episode 9: Magus Sagari's Mediocre Trip from the Audio Drama Magus Elgar.

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Udo Malaaki: Christopher Moore
Kaylee Fawn: Sandra Espinoza
Kakkay, Magus Sagari, Books: Kennedy Phillips
Wizard Quaff: Kellen Goff

Director and Producer: Kennedy Phillips

Kennedy Phillips
Crystal Saavedra

Script Proofing:
Tsumi Anne- Woodside
Matthew Charles

Sound Design:
Christopher Moore

Adam Halpin

Storyboarding & Animatic:
Dino Stipicevic
Perry Hull

Nicholas "Cole" Jordan

Background & Composition:
Nicholas "Cole" Jordan
Shannon "Merv" Allen

Character Design:
Shannon "Merv" Allen

Animation By:
Powerhouse Animation Studios

Executive Producer:
Brad Graeber

Studio Executive:
Bruce Tinnin

Supervising Producer:
Shane Minshew

Animation Director
Ryan Cullen

Rachel Citron

Production Coordinator:
Ryan Arrington

Production Artists:
Tory Patterson

Animation By:

Jeff Freeman
Tyler Richlen
Deanna Trudeau
John Varvir

(C) Powerhouse Animation Studios, INC. 2019
(C) Gale Dramatis, LLC. 2019
(C) Kennedy Phillips. 2019

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This is done really well

Very professional animation. Keep up!

You should apologize - FOR BEING AWESOME!

(No, actually you shouldn't.)

I love this.

The charachters are rather fun and i adore the small bit of worldbuilding this has within this small ammount of time.