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Spoople Knows: Presentation Day

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Hello this is Spoople again. It is the holidays now. And maybe you have forgotten why it is so good this time of year. Well I (Spoople) am here to remind you.

Also I did a lot of the drawings this time.

Okay then.

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very nice.

bland all the way

I really enjoyed your presentation, and you did a really great job on it because now I am more informed than ever. You have inspired me to give my own presentations. I don't know if they will be as good as yours, because yours is really great, but I will try.

Great work :)

I admit I wished this was more about Christmas. It was about a holiday like Christmas. That's still pretty good. I loved how it was in rhyme. It reminded me of the Grinch. Or "Twas The Night Before Christmas".

Hey, my last name is Stevenson! There's no one in our family named Charlie though. It's still a pretty good cartoon. I liked the chalky animation style. I'm so glad there's a Christmas 2019 section here.