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Adipositron #13 wax as subtitute

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Schlauchtussi rushes through the corridors of the palace. We recognize the rooms from the vision of the archeologist (ep. 4). She finds francois´ corpse and is angry, that she can´t make him accountable for the toture of her parents. Antipirat has detected Anaglyph Nerd and shoots him, but the Küchenrollen are already programmed and fire. From all directions beams are dashing to the gas giant. They destroy the last remaining moon and the flagship of Bawd Ilse, but before they reach the planet surface, the music boxes stop time. Schlauchtussi has a vision of the candle (ep. 4) and that Francois gave her mothers´ corpse a new face of this candle wax, after he found her on the Küchenrolle he captured, after Van Burnscum brought the corpse there, after he made the agreement with Cornus. When the vision is over, the seven Porcelain Gods appear and tell Schlauchtussi, that only Adipositron knows the full truth about her existence. Adipositron attacks her from behind, but she counters and smashes his brain. His music box lets him remain alive. He tells, that her parents belonged to the Draftsmen´s Order, a secret society who designed the Küchenrollen. They also designed Schlauchtussi as a pencil sharpener. But when mechanical pencils emerged, pencil sharpeners became superfluous and they were used as cannon fodder in the grease war (ep. 10). Schlauchtussi interrupts Adipositron out of dismay and beats him. Meanwhile the music boxes are overloaded and can´t suspend the Küchenrollen anymore. The beams create a link between the musicboxes and the Küchenrollen, whereby a gate to another universe is opening. The music boxes were the key to the Küchenrollen, created by the Porcelain Gods, who searched for a way, to escape this world. The Gods vanish through through the beams and everything explodes. Adipositron expands his energy shield over Schlauchtussi. They note, that they have been elected as the successors of the gods. Adipositron continues to explain, that he knows those things about Schlauchtussi, because he was recreated from the fat of her parents (ep. 4), which Francois extracted during their imprisonment. With that, he inherited all their knowledge.
originally aired in februar 2011 on Youtube

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dope AF

this is so fucking nuts its goddamn amazing

I love this series. Please bring the rest in English, I beg you.

I may need the synopsis to know what is exactly going on, but the detail and animation is insane awesome to watch, and it has this strange ambience that always feels like a bigger fish is coming.

Schuschinus responds:

Thanks a lot!
Don´t worry, the rest is coming.

Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2019
6:31 AM EST