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Up Left Out

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Author Comments

Unlock some stuff. More totally different levels:
upleftout.com Thanks for playing and your support!

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i loved it! the music
was so relaxing while i toiled away at the puzzles. thank you for the experience

This hit the spot! Exactly what I was in the mood for. Nice puzzle!

I give it maximum score to the game. I like this kind of it. But, I reached a level who I think it can't be done. Please check again please if you want. Or maybe, I don't know how to do it.

Simple, but imaginative with a decent difficulty curve.
The only issue is that sometimes the pieces lock up and cannot be moved until you go to level select or wait for a while.

Oh hey, you're that developer I've seen on the App Store! Great work! I got stumped late into the game, but I just love this game so much! It starts out with a simple concept and creates endless variations on it, which is awesome. I love the graphics as well, they're very clean and look professional. The music doesn't distract from the experience, and in fact creates a sense of calm that helps the player persevere. Great job!