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space shooter

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Космический спутник заметил угрозу. Чтобы обезвредить её он должен уничтожить 50 снарядов.

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I hate giving negative feedback, but the inconsistency of graphics in this is really bad. In my opinion, everything in a game needs to have graphics before deployment, or everything needs to be made of solid color shapes.

I can see you put a bit of effort in. However, it just isn't good. The clash of art styles in the game looks ugly. When you die, you just become invisible and watch the red squares fall to the bottom repeatedly. Overall, not a very good game.

I'm sorry, but I will say what I have to say. This "game" is very simple with bad graphics, glitches (like the fact that dying doesn't give you a second chance and not being able to move correctly, because for some reason if you push up or down, the "ship" freezes) and without sound. There is nothing to keep you entertained. I'm really sorry, but for a flash game, this is the score.