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Rum & Gun DEMO

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Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1210800/Rum__Gun/

Become a legendary pirate captain in an epic adventure. Battle multiple factions of historical and fantastical foes. You're not on the Caribbean anymore...


WASD or arrows to move

Left click to attack/shoot

Space or Right click to melee/sword attack

Mouse wheel or numbers to change weapons

R to drink rum

F to play fiddle

Q to sprint

I to show inventory

L to show life bars

Escape or P to pause game.

Warning: Opera users should turn off mouse gestures in their browser settings, or use Space instead of Left Click.

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Great game

music is good

Very addictive. Too bad your crew don't follow you from one field to the next. And saving the game doesn't work anymore.

MAN this is AWESOME! I don't know how far the game has come since then, but this is REALLY promising

Gives me Diablo/Path of Exile vibes but thematically, it feels very fresh. Pirates are a pretty fresh take. I want to play more of this. Visually, you've done an incredible job. The art in game and promotionally looks great.

I definitely think you could have a nice hit on your hands.

There are a few things that bother me, though. The sound effects are ok, they could be way more high quality. Also the graphic design of the logo and menus is so lacking compared to the absolutely beautiful in-game assets.

The tool tips I ignored completely and didn't learn what to do. You could consider pausing the game for the tool tip until the player presses an "accept/continue button".

If you want any more feedback or need help with anything, please DM me!

GOOD LUCK! This has so much potential. Im rooting for you

Borington responds:

Thank you very much! Early Access release is coming this Friday. I really hope it will do well.

very good game indeed, 10/10

Borington responds:

Thank you so much!