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BEEBO Part 5

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Behold, Beebo part 5: Cat Out of Hell Part II, check it out and tell your friends.

Remember kids, from now on there will be a new episode every month!

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I personally didn't find this as good as the other episodes. It's mostly because there wasn't that much going on. The story didn't progress too much. How are they going to dig out of Hell? It's underground! Do they dig up?

That must be it. The voices were quite funny. Dang, Harry's had better days. I wish Beebo had more of a role. I like the title pun. You know, cat out of hell.

You know I don't even know who half these characters are aside from beebo

Well, at least one of the characters on this show belongs in Hell...

If the opening and closing beat were set to a loop... That'd be the best club beat ever/