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Captain Commando 2

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Welcome to Concept Corner, a place where I'll be sharing my takes on how I'd handle certain game ideas!

I love Capcom and it's various properties. Captain Commando is a fun guy, yet gathering dust! He's got tons of potential, so why not use him? Poor guy hasn't been in a game in ages!

I thought to myself how I'd handle a sequel, so I made a test animation. I originally uploaded this to YT in 2017, but I wanted to share it with you all here! I proudly present my concept for Captain Commando 2: Gears of Yokai!

"A year after Scumocide's defeat, all has been quiet; average criminals, cyborgs and misfits pose little threat to the Quartet of Justice, the Commando Team.

One day, the silence is broken as kidnappings and monster attacks spread far beyond Metro City and into the far corners of the Earth! New and old enemies alike have been mobilized like never before! For every threat that's vanquished 4 more take its place! There's something more to these incidents. Can you crack the case?!

The world still needs your help! Don't let us down!"

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Honestly a sequel to the game can be made using the OpenBOR engine using those CPS2 sprites for the theoretical game.

Wait, this video was made in 2017. You might already know that at this point.

Disregard my comment then.

Shock-Dingo responds:

Yup, I'm familiar with BoR, never messed with it though. I made this as proof of concept test, but who knows, one day i'd like to expand upon this idea and BOR seems like a good place to start.

Thanks for stopping by and reviewing! Cheers!