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Pommel n' Ax Promo!

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Pommel n' Ax is an animated fantasy series I have been planning for quite a long time. It features Pommel and her partner Ax, both Mercenaries trying to find new work (likely in the fields of monster slaying or adventuring) in the country of Melodia, travelling from far away for new opportunities.

The series will feature 5-7 minute long episodes, fully voice acted and animated. As heroic fantasy, it will follow the protagonists as they meet new allies and get into crazy battles with monsters!

The whole thing is heavily inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, so that kind of feeling is what I want to evoke, and I hope it comes through!

The series is mostly written out and planned, and my workflow makes things fairly easy when I get into my stride. But, to afford the various aspects (Extra art, music, voice acting) I need initial funding, help from YOU! If you're interested in supporting this project and seeing it get created, please check out my patreon!
Until December 31st, if you join the Patreon, you'll get a special FOUNDER role in the associated Discord Server so everyone knows you got in on this fantasy adventure before it was cool! Neato!


If you want to keep up with the progress of the series but don't necessarily want to help fund it, I urge you to follow my Twitter (@Modstin) and subscribe to this youtube channel!
Another way to help is to share this video, the more visible it is, the more people might want to get in on it!

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Great promo and artwork. Shows promise and I'd give it a watch when it comes out.

I really liked the VA's voice, it's cute and foreign

The premise sounds nice as well, a little girl dreaming of being a hero only to grow up and being thankful she never did