Unlocking the Door

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Okay the idea was to do another animation mostly on ones like "DIY sage wisdom" except Flash cs6 was lagging like hella. i can get it working if I delete preferences and re-assemble my workspace... but id starts lagging again if I re-start the program so that was kind of a pill. So I finished it up for the joke because it's still sort of cute, but it's on twos.

No music again.
tertiary color scheme.
unfortunately limited animation.

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This was terrible XD

cool tone

Hahaha! what a clever and funny gag.

That was funny!

This is great. Honestly, I didn't mind the limited animation, this animation really didn't need anything complicated to be good. It is a little bit shaky, but really I don't mind. The minimalist color scheme is also very nice. Good sounds, story, and camera angles. Overall pretty good.