Little Buddha - Quotes & Meditation

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This is not really a game, it's a meditation tool to help you get back your zen.

ॐ - Little Buddha will bring you peace, love and balance <3


- If things feel edgy, just will Little Buddha up, and you will have a friend in your pocket that will help you feel good about yourself

- Little Buddha will create a bigger space in your heart to experience peace, love and balance.

- Beautiful graphics, sound and music that manifests a peaceful zen atmosphere.

- Sharing is caring, love and peace heals broken hearts.

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I like the idea but hat the music. Can you add other choices?

FernandoSegedi responds:

That could be a feature in the future. thank you for the feedback

well 9 outta 10 man I practice meditation to deal with many psychological and mental issues i love the game it is a inspiring thing but I only rate 4 1/2 for one main reason it is good but you should try and make it custom to a degree let people find their zen I hear birds and water so I am guessing this is a mountain type (PS if you were going for mountains you should add some wind blowing softly through leaves) but deeper mediators are more drawn to their element I am a Capricorn so this works well for me because it is a earth base element but for someone who is a water or fire this won't work as effectively but all in all it is really good and peaceful.

FernandoSegedi responds:

That actually make sense that you should be able to customize your experience. thank you for the tips

This media content to be calm. Good job!
But, There is one thing that bothers me. He look like Japanese buddhist monk.
Because, This background look like Japanese style. But, Gautama Buddha is from India.
I think this can be better if you change this background into places linked to Buddha.
For example, under the tree of peepul, on the lotus flower, and so on.
I like this content. I feel honored you have an interest in the buddhism.
I believe in you. Thank you.

FernandoSegedi responds:

I understand that buddha was from india. yeah little buddha looks more like a japanese zen-buddhist.

but the buddha in its roots is not connected to any race and nation, it's a state of mind that can be awaken in anyone that wishes to be awaken.

But I understand you wish to be historically correct.

I think it would be better if it showed the text all at once (with fade-in effect), not very slowly typed it like this. Some of the quotes are pretty long and if you wanted to read several of them in a row, you'd have to wait for a long time.
Instead of skipping to the next quote straight away, I'd first show the whole text with the first click/tap if the typewriter effect is still progressing.

FernandoSegedi responds:

I tried that, but the whole feel changes of the text. I think it makes more sense on mobile since the idea is to take the time to read the text, if I give you all the text at the same time than the experience becomes different.

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Nov 27, 2019
12:23 PM EST
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