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Tails Gets Trolled Episode 1 Part 1

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Tails Gets Trolled originally started as an infamous web comic created by an artist named Lazerbot on Deviant art. While initially known for its crude art style, poor spelling, grammar, and violent imagery. Its gained cult status for its engaging plot and characters (and meme worthy reaction faces)

We plan on retelling TGT in a way none have done before, Through the power of animation! This is just a primitive start to something magical. We want to make TGT better in the future, if youre interested in helping us give TGT the justice it deserves, i'll soon make a patreon or some form of donation to help fund the series, since all the people did this on their own free time (and i animated all of it so far, which is why it looks ass). I would like to hire animators, bg artists, and pay the VAs for all their good work in the future.

i hope you guys enjoyed what you saw, even if it was only 5 minutes, (sorry, i have irl job)

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Damn, that was great! Are you still working on this project?

Good animation however all Shadow would have to do is use Chaos blast and those goons wouldn't have a prayer.

Masterpiece. Purely a masterpiece.
I want nothing but your continued excellence in the future. Fantastic job.

Oh my god yes. It is high time this amazing web comic got the high quality animation it deserved.

Hope Part 2 is on its way!

I feel like part of what makes the webcomic so charming in addition to its dialogue is its art. This animation is nice but it doesn’t have the same kind of humorous punch as the comic. The pacing is just slow compared to what I’d imagine but that’s just me. I can’t wait to see what you’ll improve on for the next episode though!