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Reality Smasher

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Arrow Keys: Move and jump

C: Reality Shift

X: Attack


Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com

Supplementary graphics obtained from:

WALKTHROUGH: youtube.com/watch?v=G53xmQtXPHc&lc=z23ttptpnwfmxdc10acdp43004lb0sotfzdlfnx4twdw03c010c.1574914509896993
Thankyou aWalkThroughLife for making that video

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game wont load

FaerieFire responds:

Hmmm seems to be a client side issue. Perhaps it your browser or device that is not compatible with the WebGL player?


god game but the ending is od
you had yust introdused the clocs and then it ended

FaerieFire responds:

Thanks! And yeah I kinda just wanted to publish it. I've never published a game before so I was gnawing at the bit somewhat.

It's alright. The transparent places you can move too need to be more pronounced.

For the keys needed to unlock the door. It's hard to tell if the door is locked or not. from a glace.

I've played for like 6 or 7ish levels before I stopped. There could be some enemies in there.

FaerieFire responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I agree with your points, I tried with the torches to make it clear but they convey very little actual information. I definitely agree with the door thing, and honestly that would have been a simple fix (I was too lazy oops). Bit confused with your last point though, there are enemies in later levels. Perhaps they should have been introduced a bit earlier though.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback once again. This was my first game so I expected such shortcomings.