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Egypt Parodex

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2 x 2 10 Points

After Rahotep and Nofret statue

Angry Gods 10 Points

After Horus Relief

Ankh 10 Points

Find the Ankh

Egytian Gothic 10 Points

After Menkaure and Khamerernebty

Goofy 10 Points

After "Akhenaten statue"

Hieroglyph 10 Points

Find the Hieroglyph

Kitty 10 Points

After Egytian Cat

Mask of Tutankhaclown 10 Points

After the Mask of Tutankhamun

Nefertitis 10 Points

After Nefertiti Bust

Number two 10 Points

After Khafre Enthroned

Papyrus 10 Points

Find Papyrus 1

Papyrus 2 10 Points

Find the second Papyrus

Pharaohs sarcophagus 10 Points

Find the Pharaoh's sarcophagus

Queens Guard 10 Points

After Ramses II

Shabtis 10 Points

Find the Shabtis

Sherk 10 Points

After Balad al-Sheikh

Snoopy 10 Points

After the Anubis Shrine

Sugar Daddy Smurf 10 Points

After Seneb and His Family

The Bone 10 Points

After the Miller

The Chef 10 Points

After the Narmer Palette

The Cure 10 Points

Find the Egytian Bottle

The Seated Gamer 10 Points

After The Seated Scribe

trio 10 Points

After Statue of Menkaure with Hathor and Cynopolis

Big Hello Kitty 25 Points

After the Great Sphinx

Golden Scarab 25 Points

Find the 4 pieces of Golden Scarab

The rewinder 25 Points

After The Seated Scribe

Author Comments

Pretty easy game, Use the ancient Egypt man to find all secrets, sculptures and artifacts before you find your Sarcophagus to next life.
Arrows to move, Jump press up 3 times forTriple Jump
if you find a parodied sculpture press down to PRAISE and take a look into the original Egyptian statue
Esc to back to 2 doors room
R to Restart Level
There is a secret per level, find em all


I made all the drawings, animations, music and backgrounds 10 years ago when i started making games, this is a new game with new programming but old sprites.

If you need any help

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So finding everything should gave a medal called Indiana.
But it s nice little scav hunt game

Nice game :)) I found a few medals by chance :)

Fix. Your. Sensitivities! Half the time I would jump over an obstacle, and the character would die even though I never touched the obstacle or enemy. Fix this. Please.

cool game

Neat game and loved how the medals were not to hard to get and art work of them 100/100