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Beautiful Orifice Boy

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I made this a few years ago, several months after hearing about the 'Johnny Johnny Yes Papa' nursery rhyme from a friend.

For reasons I still don't understand, there are hundreds of crudely animated adaptations of the rhyme scattered throughout Youtube.

I figured I'd add one more (with a few liberties).

Hand drawn and hand painted on coffee-stained paper.

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Oh man im loving ur stuff. I really like how u play with expectation and u have all these subtle twists e.g the sugar being humans ect. So cool bruh.

That ending was the most fitting ha-ha-ha there could be.
I'm sooo glad I discovered you through that music video of yours...
Jus the right kind of bodily stuff that gets my eyes glimmering...
I am really looking forward to see more of you ;)

Entertaining enough.. Three stars.
Voice acting, and dissonance, another star.

Oh, that was fantastic! I lived the animation style and the sounds. The former just makes it feel so weird and spooky and vintage. The latter just kinda reminds me of Terry Gilliam's Monty Python animations with the goop making those weird slurred words. When you add them up, you get a pretty interesting experience, makes it feel old, like it was some sort of weird indie animated project from decades ago that was lost to time.
I appreciate the spin on the whole Johnny Johnny thing. Honestly, it's not that much weirder than the stuff on YouTube. I like how understated it all is. It's so matter-of-fact and that makes it really uncanny. The character (creature?) designs are super cool. That idea with the talking goop is really unique. The ending was pretty interesting, I like how throughout you showed all the weird logic of their facial features. The sugar being humans was a nice twist, spooky and weird, though I was a bit confused before it was shown cause I didn't know why Beautiful Orifice Boy had humans on his teeth. It all sped up nicely towards the end.
Keep it up, I would love to see more from you, this was very cool.

PointedTree responds:

Your words are very very much appreciated.

There will be more.

I really love this and I would rather see this a hundred times than those horrid copy pasted 3D animations