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Luigi's Night at Freddy's

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Luigi applies for a part-time job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. But will he overcome his obstacles?

The video was uploaded on January 13th, 2015 on YouTube. Since there was a time when Five Nights at Freddy's became a thing back then, I was looking to find a new idea for the next video. A friend of mine suggested that I should work on that since it was trending at the time. Originally this video was going to be the next Rights and Wrongs episode. I picked Luigi for the right side, but nobody picked the character for the wrong side. That is I realized that this would be better off as a short alone. So I went along with it and worked on it for a couple of days... A week in a half probably.

As the video was uploaded on YouTube, I had low expectations that it would get that many views since my channel, Crispy Toast Productions, was fairly obscure at the time. But because of Five Nights at Freddy was trending at the time, the views skyrocketed! Millions and millions of views were accumulated at that time, people subscribed to my channel to see more, and it was considered to be viral - One of the legendary videos I have ever produced in my channel in a lifetime. It even received its entry on TVTropes.

So far and still counting, Luigi's Night at Freddy's has made over 29 million views on YouTube. That was that time that I could never forget for this video was considered to be the most legendary thing ever existed.

I was not sure if Newgrounds can accept an unusual medium like this. YouTube nowadays has been getting a lot of bad rep with their policies, but this could be a new home for Gmodder and Source Filmmakers. And yet only time will tell.

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Luigiā€™s First Night on The Job

I loved this it was so funny I loved Bonnie in the closet with the rabbids you need to make more of these

not bad i belive this is made in SFM if so you could easily add smooth animation movment between luigis frames with the motion graph editor instead of freezeframe -freezeframe but i like this direction

That'll do, Crispy. That'll do.

Really Good Animation for awhile back.

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2.95 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2019
6:37 PM EST
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  • Vegas Pro 13