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A Grim Granny

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Author Comments

Puzzle-platformer, sequel to "A Grim Love Tale" & "A Grim Chase". Help granny impress the young ones.

Restart: R
Move: WASD / arrow-keys
Action: X / J / F

Full walkthrough:

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Little niggle If you spam the split and then rejoin button you can perform game breaking jumps
Otherwise, great game might need a little more explanation about possession.

Great Idea ! nice music but can't figure level 5 out

Lv. 5 :(

Very nice. This was fun in the style, the controls, and the puzzles.
I cannot say this game has any flaws.

Nice work once again on this series! As usual, the cute story and graphics combine with the innovate puzzle mechanics to create some really enjoyable brain-teasers! Love the inclusion of multiple endings as well which are obtained through secrets. Didn't think I was gonna be able to solve everything, but in the end, I flexed on those little brats and made them respect their elders!