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Minecraft x Rick and Morty (Parody Animation)

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Rick and Morty travel to the Minecraft realm in an attempt to slay the Ender Dragon. Will they succeed in their hunt? Or will everything go down in flames? Find out now! ??⛏️

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Feeling pretty sorry for Morty here... haven't seen much of the real show but I wonder if this is really the same kind of humor, where one part of the main character duo just never gets even a sliver of the justice he deserves. Was just waiting for things to turn. Animation was good, and voicing too, but in the end I feel there must've been some missed, if not twist, then at least punchlines and puns along the way... it didn't have he comical tone I'd expected.



i gotta suck your little morty penis.
but you're my granddad.

Pretty good. Maybe Rick and Morty meets Eddsworld?

front paged i can see it now