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Made for #7DBL Jam using Pico-8.

SQUIBIDI is my entry to the #7DBL jam happening on itch.io where you have to design a game in the same style of Micheal Brough games. In SQUIBIDI, you play as a squid that is trying to escape from the underwater kingdom while every other sea creature is trying to stop you. You can shoot ink in the opposite direction of the movement to kill enemies or change direction or you can drift with the water to recharge your ink capacity.

- Arrows: to shoot ink and change direction
- X or Z: to drift with the water current and recharge your ink

- Try not to hit anything as ram into object cause 1 damage to you, only do it when necessary (you can kill enemies by doing that)
- Killing enemies recharge your ink to the fullist so plan it well
- The barncle that block the exit is destroyed automatically when you kill all the enemies but you can destroy it by shooting 3 ink balls
- Enemies with more than 1 health get frozen for one frame when they are hit
- You gain 1 health back when you advance to the next room
I know it is not much and might have some bugs but I hope you will enjoy it :)

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Cool game! A little difficult to grasp what is happening at first, but once you do, its a nice little puzzler! Could definitely do to introducing the mechanics in an intuitive way within the gameplay if possible to limit confusion. Also could maybe use a checkpoint every room, or every few rooms, to limit frustration from having to restart all the way back at the beginning. It definitely has a very creative and unique puzzle design to it, and deserves a lot of attention!

amidos2006 responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback :) the full restart is becz the game generate the levels after the tutorial levels, they are not the same everytime

Challenging and enjoyable, i like it!

amidos2006 responds:

Thanks a lot, glad you liked it :)

nice game

amidos2006 responds:

Thanks :)

Pretty good, very retro 80's Commodore or Atari feel to it.

amidos2006 responds:

Thanks a lot :) glad that you liked it :)

How creative! Add some more features (like saves/checkpoints, perhaps upgrades etc) and it'll become a gem!

amidos2006 responds:

Thanks a lot :) It was a small experiment for #7dbl :) maybe I will extend it later :)