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Yoshi Stranding (Death Stranding parody)

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Basic premise and lore of whats made up for this trailer.
After the mysterious entity, known only as "The Maker" arrived, the Mushroom Kingdom began to fall apart. Worlds and even timelines themselves began to get scrambled and re-arranged leaving only a handful of survivors in its wake.
Left to pick up the pieces, the company SWITCHES has been established with the goal to rebuild and reconnect a now fragmented Kingdom in the hopes of uniting the calamity the Maker has left behind

It's up to Yoshi to uncover the worlds mysteries and the importance of SWITCHES seemingly never ending supply of BMs.

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This was pretty cool, I especially liked the Dry Bones inside the Chain Chomp scene.

this is insane and I love it

I saw that on youtube

The mario zone ending got me hyped

This is easily one of my favorite animations on here. The small bits added in to make sense of how these things would work in the world are amazing to me. Keep up the good work!