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Smash Kingdom: DLC Decisions

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The best part of Smash fandom is debating who will be the next fighter. What if the characters got together to make their own case?

So who do you think will be in? Will it be one of these lucky fighters!? Will it ever leak!? I'm getting impatient!

Team Geno and Team Doom forever!

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Well geno is a mii costume once again... rip

I am so glad this series is back. We needed it more than ever

They need to focus on the nintendo franchises if they're going to bring in more characters. I mean, it's gotten to the point where we have almost as many third party characters as we do Nintendo characters. On that respect, I personally want to see Smithy from Mario RPG get in. I think he's a really underrated villain that didn't get a lot of development that they could have a lot of fun with him if they tried. I mean, Smithy has a hammer he can use, and weapons he can probably summon. I can easily imagine a good move set for him, and his final smash can be his final form in Mario RPG.

Appreciate the pixel sprite animation. Comedy content right here! Keep up the goodwork!

Lol, wow.