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Combustible (Unfinished)

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So here's something that I've been on the fence uploading here for sometime now.

Basically this is really more of an experimental narrative on my end as opposed to being a full fledged drama but the plot essentially revolves around a young kid who gets bullied at school and realizes that he may have to fend for himself.

I realize that, the title may raise a few eyebrows given the unfinished part. However, unfortunately since I no longer have access to the tools used to make my capstone I won't be able to go back into this as of now without completely remaking it. At the same time, to not upload this for that reason just to show where the stepping stones are in my work isn't a wholly valid reason for me to keep it from being on NG.

With that being said, I will acknowledge that the animation nor art is not a huge step up from where I was when I had uploaded my last film, however, there were a few things and techniques that I had picked up making this.

Please enjoy my film AS IS. Feel free to be as critical as you need to be for my own future reference. As for whether or not this is something I will go back into do not expect that to happen in the near future.

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