The Reader's Encounter

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You arrive from across the sea in the fetid hold of a rat-infested ship. You have left your friends behind—and with them, your books and the mysteries you had uncovered. You are a reader, looking for secrets hidden by forgotten sages between the lines of their ancient tomes. Or rather, you were a reader; who knows what you are now, stranded alone in this foreign land. Maybe here, unlike back home, there might be some use for your unusual skill?

The Reader's Encounter is a short story-driven puzzle game about secret knowledge and manipulating words.


The game has a built-in hint system; hints become active after 5 manipulations on each level. If you are stuck and the hints do not help, see the walkthrough here: https://pastebin.com/VwrEjUBH (caution: major spoilers!).

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Doesn't work. Trash.

xlomid responds:

I'm sorry, but it's your feedback that is trash. You could have described what exactly didn't work, what platform/browser you were using, etc. - since evidently the game has worked for the vast majority of players. Instead, you just label the whole thing "trash" without making the tiniest effort to offer useful feedback. What's even the point of leaving such a comment other than revealing yourself for the sad human specimen that you are?

An interesting concept. Just too bad the game is this short, the story could've been interesting.

As a writer, I appreciate what you've done here. It plays like an anagram or a letter scramble game, and everything works as intended. I didn't realize there were two endings, but when I read about it in the review below, I was like, "Holy crap, I know how to get the other one!"

The story bears a lot of subtext. On one level, it's about a traveler seeking knowledge. On a deeper level, it's about how books can take us to other worlds and teach us things. But on an even deeper level, I can see some social themes dealing with a drop in appreciation for books and the lack of skill, or interest, for deriving meaning from what we read. You've set up an intriguing world with several interwoven plots, and I wonder if you intend to continue the story.

The writing is solid. I have a few small editorial considerations, but nothing worth mentioning here. You've done a great job creating something unique. I hope enough of the community can appreciate your creativity to bump up the rating.

I love word games. This one is very creative. I appreciate the walkthrough option as in the beginning, I wasn't sure of how to manipulate the prompts. The letters were a little sticky for me, but I soon moved them like I would a Scrabble tile tray.

The storyline is very well written. I enjoyed getting the two endings! I would love to see more games like this. Well done.

This game is absolutely clever with way it works, i loved it, it was difficult but not headache inducing.

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3.10 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2019
10:16 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other