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Skitzo -"Ship Ahoy!"

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Animation historians have discovered a new lost Skitzo short!

The Skitzo cartoon "Ship Ahoy!" was released to a number of US theaters in 1921. It played for about 2 weeks before getting pulled off the projectors, as the deadly effects took a much longer time to be discovered. People who watched the cartoon and read "Your next breath will be your last" didn't show any effects until about 6 days after viewing...when they started to complain of heavy gut pains and bloating from an intake of water retention. The victims would slowly swell until becoming bed ridden and water would come draining out their belly buttons and nose...literally drowning from the salt water in their bodies. As a result the high death count seemed to come from this particular short as the effects were delayed and the warning that they would die was not as apparent to viewers. All known full versions of this short were burned shortly after.

It's also notable that "Ship Ahoy" featured the one and only appearance of Buccaneer Bill, a pirate with a love of clean wood flooring and slapstick antics. We are not sure why the character did not come into play in later episodes....

This rare short piece of the film was discovered under the floor boards of an abandoned Pig Slaughterhouse factory that shut down in the 1940's. The tin canister holding the film had been coated with rust and dried pig blood that no doubt dripped though the wood boards for 20+years when the slaughterhouse was in operation. But amazingly, the blood and rust sealed the film canister shut from air exposure saving this tiny bit of cartoon for animation historians to discover once more and show today.

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Skitzo the 1920s Killer Bear (c) 2008-2019 Crystal Gonzalez
Animated in Flash

Music credits: "Anchors Aweigh"- Charles Zimmerman cc: Youtube Audio Library (free to use)

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hmm what happened to the puppy in the middle who was bullied?

Comick responds:

He died

actually i was waiting for this,its awesome too see skitzo again,this cartoon was awesome and it was freaking scary so five stars comick and five stars for skitzo too!

IT'S "YOU'RE NEXT" NOT "YOUR NEXT"! I can be a (bit) of a grammar nazi sometimes, but HOT DAMN.

Comick responds:

Read my response to another below. People didn't get the intentions on that ending...ah well, I'll have to be more clear and added "breath" or something.

The bloody ending was unexpected. And a bit scary for those that aren't too used to it...

It nails the style of old-timey cartoons, even on when Skitzo gets out of the barrel; his skeleton first, his skin/ink later.
It's amazing, anyway!

Comick responds:

Thanks! :D Glad you liked the old-timey stuff and yeah sorry if you didn't know skitzo cartoons are supposed to be horror.

I love that Skitzo pulls a "knife" but is too incomprehensibly demonic and alien to even bother using it before his bloodlust takes over.

Comick responds:

Im so glad you noticed that Haha XD yeah so much for the sword!