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The One From Down There

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Author Comments

Wizard boy: arrows to move, up to jump, down to interact/talk, hold space bar to attack.
If you can’t walk on, please try interacting or attacking.

Devil: arrows to move, hold left/right arrow and release to teleport. Hold the key longer to teleport farther.

M to mute/unmute.

The game auto saves at each checkpoint. You may fail several times before reaching the next checkpoint. Good luck.

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There are nice ideas, but the mechanics have to be fixed: several times during the first devil level, I just got pushed by platforms that did not even got in contact with me (the ones below my level), and it got me quitting. Still pretty nice.

CaseStripe responds:

Thank you for playing and leaving some feedback! I'm new to game making and I didn't have much idea if a mechanics could work well or where some bugs may pop up when making this one. I've learnt a lot since then. Thanks for all your kind words!

Really fun! My one complaint is that the controls for teleporting are a bit finicky and hard to predict. I'm also having a minor problem where the demon teleports without me pressing the keys, but that could also be my keyboards fault.

edit, since i do think the teleport mechanic is super cool: maybe have a power up bar? that could help with judging distances. or maybe use the arrow keys for walking only and the WASD for teleporting?

CaseStripe responds:

Thank you for checking out my game! The teleport mechanics is something occasionally came into my mind and I decided to try it out. Then it turned out that nearly everybody finds it too tricky to be enjoyable. I'm glad you had a bit fun with it!

I really appreciate your support! I'm currently working on another game. Maybe some time later I'll remake this game into a new version with improvements and more content. Thank you so much for being such a nice person!

love a good plataformer
that has a nice story
the checkpoint on some of the devil levels don't work
its pretty hard to pass the levels without the checkpoint
got to the fire level and gave up
other than that nice game

CaseStripe responds:

Thanks for your rating and feedback. I'm sorry about the checkpoint issue. If you fail many times in a level this may happen. Please try refreshing the page. Thank you so much for your support.