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Ghost 'n Toast

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Twitter : https://twitter.com/Levi__Ramirez

(Update 0.1.8 - Haunted Edition)

- Added Scoreboard for story mode!! Go try and get the highest score and beat all your friends!!

On Halloween night, A jack o' lantern name Toast was hanging out with his girlfriend in a forgotten pumpkin patch next to an abandoned graveyard. All of a sudden the Emporer of spirits stole Toast's girlfriend and summoned an army of the undead to put a stop to Toast! Help toast torch the horde of ghosts, defeat the evil Emporer and save his girlfriend!!

This game was a 2-week side project that I did to finally get into the NG Halloween contest, this game was simply fun to work on and was done pretty quickly, I decided to take a more "Detailed" Approach to the graphics and did 16-bit instead of my normal 8-bit or lower approach and I think it turned out really good looking. Overall, this game is a fun little timewaster and was fun to make quickly.

Also... I'm working on a pretty sizeable game that I plan to release for free on Newgrounds sooner or later! it's still in the oven cooking, but if you wanna see progress on that project I recommend following the games twitter page for updates!

The Untamia Fantasy Twitter : https://twitter.com/untamiafantasy

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Not the most original game I've played, but the powerups were fun to toy with.

Can't get past round 14!!! Great game tho

Hell Yeah Highest Score! Really good game

Very impressive on all fronts! Solid art, sound, music and game feel with a good level of polish to this game. Loved going through the story mode and thought it had a good variety in terms of enemies and formations to battle through, along with some cool powerups. My only complaint would be that the game is too hard at the moment: so many rounds to get through with no end in sight where a single mistake sends you flying back all the way to the start. I'll keep fighting my way through it though!