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Meganaut's SCP RPG

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Alright! So here's a game that took way too long to make despite its length.

This game right here be all about SCP's escaping from Containment. They find out they can make a wish if they had 4 machine pieces! So they travel across the lands looking for machine pieces in hopes of destroying the world.

Made in RPGmaker MV, this game features the following: Turn-based combat. Fetchquests. SCPs. Swearing. Uhhh... Fish Guy. What more do you need?

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great game work on your story and flesh it out more also think of doing a serioius scp game where you play a researcher mtf a class d and a leader of an scp compound forgot what they called em lol

very good game.

Damn, i love it

great game but i'm stuck at malo don't forget to buy the 1dollar item

10/10 for the chip eating scene :)