Meganaut's SCP RPG

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Alright! So here's a game that took way too long to make despite its length.

This game right here be all about SCP's escaping from Containment. They find out they can make a wish if they had 4 machine pieces! So they travel across the lands looking for machine pieces in hopes of destroying the world.

Made in RPGmaker MV, this game features the following: Turn-based combat. Fetchquests. SCPs. Swearing. Uhhh... Fish Guy. What more do you need?

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Meganaut, I came here because I wanted to play games after I hadn't in what feels like forever, and your game was published at just the right time. The comedy is excellant, the characters are so well done, it more than makes up for some of the art, but thats okay because I admire the passion I can feel radiating in how you wrote this game! I love it so much! The boss battle against the comedian was so jarring but well done. I loved Cthulu being included, and a friggin' alien. The music is good, too!

One thing tho: Could you please tell us what's up with the IKEA maze? I've been stuck there for the past two hours. I don't get what Im supposed to do to advance.

Meganaut123 responds:

The IKEA maze is quite a maze.

But the first thing you should do is go into one of the first rooms and find the Bleeding Guy. Fight him, and then you get a chip.
Once you do that, go into the labyrinth-like area where Fish Guy is.
Once you're in there, you're gonna have to trial and error your way through.
One of the doors leads to the exit, while the others just take you back to the beginning.

Hope this helps all of you!

An excellent game, but I have been stuck in the furniture store for nearly a week (real time!), and its getting tedious.

Pretty goofy and funny. Enjoyed the art and presentation, and thought the dialogue was well put-together with some nice moments where the dialogue is interrupted or paced to great effect. Would love to see if the combat could be improved to make it more unique or SCP-specific, as at the moment it is fairly default mash-attacky, albeit with some humorous replacements.

Meganaut123 responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :D

The enemy encounters are a tad too frequent, especially so after leaving the facility. You can't go five or so steps without triggering one. You could reduce the rate to the same rate as the zombie area along with giving us the option to flee.

Meganaut123 responds:

There is an option to flee.
I programmed it so you have a 100% chance of escaping.
Try hitting escape, it should be there.

Is it intended that Chip is the only one who has no weapon and can't equip one? I thought that the neck snapping gloves were for him. I want Chip to become stronger too, please!

By the way, I love the Connor/Thorn reference!

Edit: Thanks for fixing the bug with Chip's weapons, but now I'm wondering why both Doc and Chip don't have a shield.

Meganaut123 responds:

Ohhh no! D: Looks like I didn't find all the bugs.
But him not having any weapons is kinda funny lmao.
I'll see what I can do about fixing that.