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Interface | Episode 16

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Mischief and Henryk begin their search for the long lost great granddaughter by returning to Henryk's old home in search for clues. Upon entering, the overwhelming memories haunt Henryk, the same thoughts he tried to escape from.

Featured Painting
Horse and Train by Alex Coville, 1954

All Interface music is original to the series, and are currently available as early access tracks on Patreon. Thank you so much for helping make these animations possible.

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Interesting style =) A little scary!
I thik it defenetly deserves to be sent to an animation festival =)

I feel that I should watch the first 15 before this one...

This is Exactly what the series needed. The philosophy, the intimate nature between the physical reality and the soul And these guys' specific relationship with both, and it shows and tells the viewer a lot about the world and gives more context to the world And the characters like the sky color and if his memories are real or not. The Intrigue is establishing Well again and I'm glad to see it back on track, with some great philosophy like from 9 with the octopus sushi chef.

I was going to take off 1/2 a star but I decided not to because I am not ignorant of how difficult it is to animate on this level, in a series, but even this said the Cinematography could have been better. It just used the close-up too much, Especially on the girl, because we got no idea of how tall she was, or how old (other than voice and mannerism), or really anything other than what her Face looked like. It could have panned off and did a shot of the camera switching over the shoulder and seeing their backs mixed in, but overall it had great characterization, I loved the smoke visual, and the walk through the hospital was excellent with great lighting+effects.

I forgot to mention the voice over with him falling down with the parachute and the clock tower noir was Absolutely Fantastic.

u-m-a-m-i responds:

Cheers thank you for the review!

"Hast du eine Faligezymbol?"

Not sure what this is... but it seems nice.