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Cutting Edge 5 Points

Collect a Sharpening Stone

Retaliation 10 Points

Repel 13 Foes

Dreamchaser 25 Points

Clear LVL1

Slow Burn 50 Points

Collect a Stone After Losing Edge From a Death

Vacant Spaces 50 Points

Clear LVL2

Breaking Point 100 Points

Clear LVL3?

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

"A candle only burns for so long before it's snuffed out. Break the chains and find your peace."

Press UP/LEFT/RIGHT to navigate the MAZE
Press DOWN to turn around 180 DEGREES
Avoid DAMAGE to keep the FLAME ALIVE
Collect SHARPENING STONES to hone your EDGE
Use your EDGE to cut through the CHAIN
Walk beyond the CHAIN to ADVANCE

Design and Art by EcoJak - https://vultureparty.itch.io/
Code by RainbowCemetery

downloadable from https://vultureparty.itch.io/candlelight

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I can't say why but I loved it very much

Fascinating usage of the retro Tiger Electronics design, scrolling background and voice! It was incredibly faithful to its roots, but almost too much at times since it got a little repetitive and confusing at times. Felt like the main screen was too cramped and ironically, the ideal way to play the game wasn't to look at the main screen, but at the radar in the top corner, which is a bummer since it means you don't get to see the cool graphics. Neat twist at the end that really amped it up; might want to make it easier to get there as it can be a little boring to get that far.

Is it supposed to do the play button before the load or after?
Because it does the play button first.

The way this looks make me think of those little old video games, except it's lighting itself rather it needing lighting.

I'm not quite sure about how I feel of this game.

you probably cursed all of us

Congratulations, another great game! It really captures the feeling of the old handheld games from the 90's... but in a really RainbowCemetery-ish way!

It's outstanding how your games send the same vibes... even if this one didn't use the usual black-white-red color palette of your other games, I found myself thinking "hey, this somehow gives me the same feeling as These Remains...". Then I checked who the author is, and BAM! That's you.
As I told you in a private message months ago, it's rare to find an author with a style so clearly defined that you can tell which games are his without even looking at his name. Great job!!!