Bob The Brawler

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Made for Ludum Dare 45! Max out your score to win! (>:[=)
There were so many limitations during the jam, and time, so I did not get to make a highscore board. Also, just learnt how to get my HTML Game onto Newgrounds!

Start with nothing but your fists, and punch your way into becoming the ultimate brawler!
Explore numerous maps, fight off endless baddies, and collect powerups/item drops; they make you stronger

Potion- adds potion to inventory; Space to consume; (heals increase with difficulty)
Package- increases max health; gives walls and potions
Strength Powerup- exponentially increases attack power; (lasts longer with difficulty)
Barrage Powerup- enters a barrage of auto attacks; (lasts longer with difficulty)
Range Powerup- increases attack range and view distance; (lasts longer with difficulty)

WASD- Move
Space- Heal (when you have potions)
Left Mouse- Attack
Right Mouse- Build
Q/P- Toggle Pause
M- Toggle Mute
R- Restart Game
K- Toggle Fullscreen

A grave disagreement with the Ski Mask Baddies forces Bob to end his Building career for good. However, dissatisfied with just his unemployment, the Baddies are out for his life! Now, Bob the previous Builder becomes Bob the Brawler; living only to defend himself from the Baddies breaking into his warehouse, in hopes of regaining his positions, and...punching off... some steam!! (>:[=)

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Nice, I could play a lot of this game! It is like a reverse Bomber Man

danidre14 responds:

I was tempted to add Bomber-like features lol...but ran out of time.

Thanks for playing!

Seems to have a pretty good setup of mechanics and gamefeel, but at the moment, it just feels a bit aimless. Took me awhile to determine what the game was even about and if there was a goal: at the end of the day, I guess it's just supposed to have you survive as long as you can in a random level by punching people and building ways to route enemies around. Would love to see this built with a story, or levels, or something, as it does have a lot of good things going for it at the moment.

danidre14 responds:

Thank you again for the review! And yes, I realize the game isn't as intuitive for others as it is for the person that code it. I watch you play asking myself why don't you do this or that, and I realize I only know so much because I made it.
I've discontinued work on this project, but the experience is what I would go with, for my future games. Thanks! :D

Going around punching baddies coming at a manageable rate.This is fine. - -
Rate increases. Growing concerns. - -
Rate increases even more. This is hell. - -
mfw, I can't punch fast enough

danidre14 responds:

xDD when it gets harder to punch I bet powerups spawn faster. I usually avoid baddies as much as possible until I get a powerup, strength packs a punch!
Thanks for playing!

meh, not bad. Definitely has alot of potential but it just feels like I'm only moving around clicking the shit out of the baddies. Maybe add some sort of combo moves or like insane "out of this world" drops like grenades if you want to blow walls up or pull off some Bomberman shit where the explosives hit the open areas without breaking the walls but they can hit you if you don't move away quick enough. You know, stuff like that. but pretty good though.

danidre14 responds:

I'll be honest I've had all those ideas written down lol...but after Ludum Dare ended I moved on from the project to continue working on my other projects that I took a break from because of Ludum Dare.
But yes, I've learnt alot from making it repetitive. Thanks for playing!

i am going to kiss you on the lips

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3.47 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2019
5:31 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler