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Goodbye MLP

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Honestly, I don't care if it embarrassing or what, for me MLP have a great value in my life. And I didn't realize it until show met it's end. It's one of those things, when you didn't appreciate it while you have it and when you don't... well it sucks.
I watched it first time when all this hysteria started. I was like "what the fuck just happened to the internet, what's the commotion?" and it was seemed to me like old dudes watching girly show just for keks, memes and horse schmut. And I have to say I was huge Adventure Time fan at that time. I watched several episodes and like "hmpf, this is actually not that bad, I probably even like it".
As time goes by I'd left and came back to this show several times. While after 5 or 6 season of AT I was seriously disappointed and just dragging after it, waiting for something good or at least good ending(btw, AT grand finale is sucks hard), MLP just... held the plank. This show is like a good friend or wife - it might not have spectacular appearance but it honest, reliable and lives up the expectations through the long period of time.
All men develop some habits as they grows. For me it's watching cartoons before sleep. It's calm me down, reset my mind and toss off all the stress shit.
Damn, I'm gonna miss that show.

Music: Stay by 猫 シ Corp.

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I actually stumbled across it back then thanks to a youtube video called "stop fapping to horses" it was a compilation video of quotes taken out of context (like Fluttershy looking into the chasm and saying "it's so wide") I thought it was funny so I decided to check out the show and it changed my life, it was just a simple "moral of the day" show starring colorful cartoon ponies and it was GOOD, it was cute and fun and it inspired me to start drawing again.

I stopped watching after season 5 since it just became an entirely different show, I didn't like the change in writing and what they did to most of the characters but even though it isn't the same show anymore, I'm still sad to see it go since it's the whole reason I'm back to enjoying art today.

What will the bronies do now?

¿that is Saxton Hale?

Nekidcoboy responds:

Robert John Burck)

What will bronies do now the dream is over...