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☠ DUST - A Post Apocalyptic Role Playing Game

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Android version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.segediinc.dust

Inspired by the classic Fallout & Wasteland series. Survive the deadly fallout radiated post apocalyptic wasteland. Every decision you make is life or death. Brings you a retro post apocalyptic gaming experience directly to your mobile phone, inspired by the classic Fallout & Wasteland series.


☠ Easy to play, difficult to master. A deep game system where death may just be around the corner.

☠ Create your own roguelike post apocalyptic RPG character and customize their skills, attributes, perks, weapons and other equipment.

☠ Buy and sell equipment, plan what to bring before exploring the nuclear wasteland. Find and collect items; left behind the fallen world.

☠ Pursue quest & missions. Collect valuable information from post apocalyptic dwellers; which will help you survive the wasteland.

☠ The post apocalyptic wasteland is unforgiving. You will take important decisions that will affect your chances to survive.

☠ Discover new locations, relics, creatures and nuclear monsters that roam the post apocalyptic wasteland.

☠ An atmospheric post apocalyptic nuclear themed role playing game; inspired by the classic Fallout(1/2) & Wasteland series, with gritty environments, mutants; accompanied with killer post apocalyptic music soundtrack.

☠ The game is being regularly updated with new content, that expands the post apocalyptic nuclear world of DUST.

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I was finally doing good when the screen went black... It's a pity, cause it looks like a very good game...

FernandoSegedi responds:

sorry to hear that.. yes this is a issue I have found.. I need to compltere the update before I can release a new version of the game..

every time I get some cool gear (metal armor) or can start to stock up on tools/first aid kits the game goes blank/ re post -same old same old

LATER - (sorry, I was having trouble finding the "reply to reply" key) - to answer your question, the shutdown always seems to occur mid combat. I have not yet found a trend on a particular foe, but I am keeping a log and if I find any patterns I will get back to you. It is still an awesome game. Great job!

FernandoSegedi responds:

Super thanks.. send me any issues to segediinc@gmail.com.. I have heard this issue from other players also.. it only happens on browser it seems

on mobile you can restart and relaod the game to counter the issue

I must say, this is an amazing game. I don't really have anything to complain about. It's just a good RPG.

FernandoSegedi responds:

Thanks mate.. more content is coming.. I'm working on a pretty big expansion.. The community has helped me with feedback on the game to polish it up to this quality..


FernandoSegedi responds:

you welcome mate.. I will add more cntent to the game.. settlements, monsters, quests etc.. working on it right now