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DUST - A Post Apocalyptic Role Playing Game

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Author Comments

Android version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.segediinc.dust

Inspired by the classic Fallout & Wasteland series. Survive the deadly fallout radiated post apocalyptic wasteland. Every decision you make is life or death.

Brings you a retro post apocalyptic gaming experience directly to your mobile phone, inspired by the classic Fallout & Wasteland series.


☠ Easy to play, difficult to master. A deep game system where death may just be around the corner.

☠ Create your own roguelike post apocalyptic RPG character and customize their skills, attributes, perks, weapons and other equipment.

☠ Buy and sell equipment, plan what to bring before exploring the nuclear wasteland. Find and collect items; left behind the fallen world.

☠ Pursue quest & missions. Collect valuable information from post apocalyptic dwellers; which will help you survive the wasteland.

☠ The post apocalyptic wasteland is unforgiving. You will take important decisions that will affect your chances to survive.

☠ Discover new locations, relics, creatures and nuclear monsters that roam the post apocalyptic wasteland.

☠ An atmospheric post apocalyptic nuclear themed role playing game; inspired by the classic Fallout(1/2) & Wasteland series, with gritty environments, mutants; accompanied with killer post apocalyptic music soundtrack.

☠ The game is being regularly updated with new content, that expands the post apocalyptic nuclear world of DUST.

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+5 for the Fallout atmosphere and experience the game provide
I accept that the game depends heavily on RNG, so -0
-0.5 because I can't sell my old or unwanted weapons and armors.

FernandoSegedi responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

- You can sell them by buying another weapon/equipment. so example if you have a 9mm Pistol, and buy a knife, you will actually sell the 9mm Pistol and buy a knife at the same time. if the color is blue in the button, than that means that you will earn cash when replacing the weapon.

But you can't collect like 5 9mm Pistols and than go sell them at the bunker, I wish you could, but its kind of an UI limitation, this game is design for the Mobile as core platform, so I need to design it for that platform first. This feature is one of the harders design challenges I have at the moment.

Pretty Awesome, altough i´d like to have a sort of map to check the surroundings (is randomly generated?)

FernandoSegedi responds:

Yeah everything is randomly generated, you kind of just wander the wasteland.

a very good game i culd se this becoming even better keep up the work also a bug example if i have 0,02 money and i want to buy amo for 0.02 it does not work

FernandoSegedi responds:

Thanks, yeah slowly slowly I will improve the quality of the game.

I would much prefer the option to simply go back to the bunker whenever we like instead of any RNG for 'going home'. I got a mission item on day 3, then spent another two weeks wandering around until I eventually died. If I could've just gone back to the bunker (which I'm assuming I would have known the location of) then it could have been avoided.

FernandoSegedi responds:

The base game is based on risks. if the player could go back when ever than the feeling of risk would minimize. but maybe I could make a system where you are guaranteed return to the bunker after a certain time of wandering the waste. I will take note on this and see what I can do. thanks for the feedback really appreciate it.

I love it, well done man! For such a simple, RNG game such atmosphere and fun! Keep up the good work! I love post-apocalyptic rpg's and this made my day, congrats!

Couple of constructive critism;

1) My third play; got onto day 46, became rank 12. But at some point felt quite aimless; mission seemed out of space/ nowhere to be found and at some point I was just spam clicking rather than making actual decisions. I read in the comments that a possibility to return back to the bunker exists. Never triggered on mine. If there is a chance of triggering it before reaching to the mission, that could be cool. Or instead, an encounter with a "wandering merchant" where we can buy some first aid or so. Mostly died due to lack of first-aid kits :(

2) NPC encounters can really amp-up the playability of the game and player's decision making. Also, a variety of choices that's not just "go there, do this or run" would make it a lot more playable in my opinion. Considering that it is a "roguelike" repetative playability is quite crucial, and the game does not propose it yet. Maybe future additions of more skills? (Intimidate, charm, etc.?)

3) Inventory management: it would be nice to see how much ammo I have, maybe to carry certain extra materials even..? Lack of inventory panel got me a bit confused at first, although that I got used to it later on. Still wouldn't hurt to have one.

4) Sound effects, especially of weapons, does not carry much impact. I hoped a sledgehammer would had a harder impact sound than a knife for instance (the example might be wrong, but I hope you understood what I mean). A variety based on affect on sound could boost the atmosphere.

5) Couldn't understand certain mechanics even though I tried them couple of times. Example: Assault rifle using burst fire. How many ammo in burst does it consume? Does it do the damage written on the side, or damage times the amount of bursted bullets? Since its a roguelike, I don't expect all mechanics to be clearly tutored, but some basics would have helped me with my decision making.

6) Health bars of the enemies. Otherwise, the choice of weapon for becomes redundant (Although I am also totally cool if you decided to leave it out because its a roguelike). And since its turn based, maybe a small "events list". How much damage my weapon did, how much it was absorbed by armor, etc.

7) Side-quests? Maybe camping and sleep for rest? Possibly, stealth options?

Sorry for my long long post, but I really loved your game and I wanted to contribute to it without discrediting your valuable labour! Keep up the good work man, I know its on beta so if you are working on some of the comments I made please ignore my big mouth :) hope it'll come out of beta soon! Best of luck and let me know if I can help out; I'll try to keep playing and post more stuff!

FernandoSegedi responds:

1. Yeah the player can return to bunker when the Wasteland event popup but its random. so sometimes the player receives the option and sometimes they don't. I think I need to polish this up so the chance is higher when the player has traveled for a while in the waste.

2. NPC will come in the future, but I need to develop a new type of interaction with it that is interesting and the idea is also to have skills for this. but this is on hold for now.

3. if you select the inventory button (players profile picture) than your inventory will open up and you can see all your statistics and inventory. also when you pick up any consumable item (medicin and ammo) it will state in brackets what you have in total. example: (12)

4. for sure this could be improved, thats a good tip to have heavier sound effect for heavier melees.

5. Yeah I had like a philosphy of that the player in the beginning should not understand fully the mechanics, but the more you play you will get a grip on it. the idea is to get the feeling when you where a kid and player a complicated RPG for the first time, and you didnt understand much, but by time you started to pick stuff up. you can find information about the double, burst, and full-auto in the game. double is 2 bullets, burst is 3 bullets, full-auto is 5 bullets. damage is stated for 1 bullet. melees are the only weapon that you can upgrade the base damage.

6. I completely understand the idea of feedback, this would help the player to be more aware of what is happening. I did that on purpose so that the player would not know how much damage and enemy does and how much health they have. armor absorbs damage, but also has a chance to completely protect the player from damage. by failing in the game, they player gets a better feel on what enemies are a pain in the ass, and how well equipment works. After a few playthroughs you will notice that you do perform better, and that is simply beacuse you get a better "Feel" for the game. btw watch out for those mutant spiders, they dont do much damage but can do majore radiation and virus damage, I hate those guys the most.

7. Yeah I was thinking about that also, I need to add more forms of quests, so that there are more goals and drama, right now the game is a bit narrow, resting could be implemented, I was thinking about that also, I was thinking that when a place gets LOOTED than the player would be able to rest there, so the player kind of needs to clear the area to make a camp there, but I still need to work on that idea, I want to make that mechanic interesting.

I love your big mouth and I appreciate any comment and feedback you have for me.