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ED Boys - One More Scam episode 2

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Double D (Edd) has taken Marie to the hospital for recovery after he discovered from her the situation Eddy is in.
Now he must enlist the help of Ed to help rescue Eddy from the one who has him confined.


Animated by Agu Rex UD

Voice of Characters By Voice Acticon (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6QIT1F7USnoW9RQxudst4A)



I hope you enjoy the animation. Have an awesome day... God bless.

#ededdneddy #edboys #blendergreasepencil

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was that fred flintstone at the start and im happy to see it lives up to the first one. looking forward to more of the.

AguRex responds:

Yeah... that was Fred. Lol
I didn't think people would know.

I plan to put some Ester eggs like that too.

DAMN ........number 1 is in this.........now the trouble is serious

AguRex responds:

Hai... I have some other surprise characters too 😊

Good to see you back again. You didn't disappoint.

AguRex responds:

Hai.... thanks a lot 😊
I hope I continue to meet expectations


AguRex responds:

Hai... thanks 😊

The EDS vs the KND. well shit just got real, plz keep this up

AguRex responds:

Hai... thanks, I hope to 😊