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"Climbing" - Legend of Zelda parody

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I've been a digital artist for around 6 years now, if you count traditional art, about more than a decade. I've never ever touched an animation program before, or even attempted animation.
But I wanted to give it a try, heavily inspired by ScottFalco and TerminalMontage, I believe this is the start of my animation career!
I'll give it my best to make each animation better than the last.

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As a previous commenter mentioned, slightly longer lengths on a few parts would help a lot. I played botw a lot but was still puzzled by what that first animation was (him riding a shield?)

Anyway, nice job! I thought it was good, especially for a first attempt.

nire-f responds:

Yes, it's Link riding a shield! I made the first part particularly faster because I thought it would be funny if he just slammed against the mountain like that.
I got to admit I was pretty lazy when I did this animation, I didn't draw a ton of inbetweens so it looks a bit unfinished, but I plan on working harder on my next animations! Thank you so much!

Haha, hate it when that happens in the game.

coincidence i feel, because i just was playing some BOTW. o_0

that ending tho. that what really happens in the game!?!

nire-f responds:

If you've got metal equipment while on a storm you might attract thunder towards you!

Not bad, but there wasn't much of a point. The ending would've been funnier if you just had let it last a little longer in order to appreciate the joke better. The animation is not bad per se, and considering it's your first, I'd say it's quite well done!

nire-f responds:

I honestly didn't plan much going into this one, I literally just thought of the moment in my head and went into animating it, think of it as a test to kind of test the waters, I think. I didn't have a planned script or anything literally just did it as I animated, I cut off the lightning at the end because I find it pretty funny when moments get cut off like that, but I guess it did cut off a bit too fast.
Thank you for your input, I'll put more effort into my next animations :)