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‚Äč"Turn Chase" as the 13th project made by Jason is another indie game, now with turn based system. You are one, there are many of them. Chasing hostiles, spawning barracks and firing turrets. You are not a hero, you can't fight with them for long. Reach to the exit in all 28 levels, avoid chasing enemies, fight for survival and gain attribute points for completing maps on all three difficulties to become more resistant! Don't forget, there is another pack of achievements to collect!

Press the middle button under game window to launch the game in fullscreen mode. The game supports mouse input.

Game is not saved until you allocate all available attribute points AND accept changes. Then the game will be saved!


arrow keys - navigation / movement
X - select / continue
Z - back / pause
Enter - PICO-8 menu
left mouse button - select
right mouse button - back

This game contains two editions: Free and Premium. Free Edition allows you to familiarize with the game, how it looks and if it's good in your opinion. Premium is a paid version of the game which unlocks entire content like additional levels, special skills or difficulty levels.

Free Edition of the "Turn Chase" offers only:

* 14 levels
* playing on Normal difficulty
* 14 of 24 achievements

Feel free to visit my website: https://jasonxiii.pl

Buy now Premium Edition on itch.io to bypass above limits!

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It's an interesting concept, but it takes a while to get started up initially that kinda drags it down. Many of the levels I went through didn't really have any creative ways to get through them by avoiding combat or positioning enemies, and boiled down to cramped corridors where you were forced to just brawl, which was slow and painful due to every piece moving one-by-one. Upgrades might be a bit confusing as well and unnecessary since it makes me feel like the puzzles could be 'cheated' with stats. Eventually it did pick up and I will go back and see if I can finish it out.

fun little game

Nice little game that requires thinking out of the box sometimes. I tried to destroy all three enemy spawners instead of heading straight for the exit the first time.

Fun little turn-based puzzle game. Move a square across a grid trying to reach the exit and deal with obstacles as they come. Solid coding, no real glitches I noticed.

Some things I didn't like:
Baddies move one at a time, so a when there is more of them per level, it takes longer for them to move. Make them move all at once, or at least make that an option. It feels laggy to have to wait for them all every turn.

The randomness makes it hard to have a strategy. For example, I put all points to attack, and sometimes I can defeat a baddie in 1 hit, usually it 2-3, sometimes it's even 4. Why the inconsistency? That's hard to plan around. Also, I put all points to healing, and sometimes I can fully heal from a baddie hit, sometimes they hit harder than I can heal. Why the inconsistency? It's hard to plan around that.

Doesn't seem to be a option to skip a turn. Coupled with the issue stated above, if you don't know if a fight is going to end on an even turn or an odd turn, it messes up your timing and there is no way to correct it.

JasonNumberThirteen responds:

Thanks for opinion. You're right, the larger amount of enemies, the longer time to wait. Creating prototype I had in mind to leave all enemies moving in the same time, but I wanted to let the player to observe what moves they perform, one by one. Statistics growth gives larger impact on higher levels available in paid version. As I wrote: "strategy is the key". Attributes must only give a chance to survive. Randomized enemy damage is to make some variety to not be sure that massive healing might grant a success. Skipping a turn, I confess...it hasn't crossed my mind. It could have been implemented...

The menu navigation is difficult to learn, and most hints had some kind of grammatical error. Also, I think most levels were too similar. These aren't major problems, but they really frustrated me. It was still a fun game, and I'd like an expanded version of the concept, sorry for being so negative.

JasonNumberThirteen responds:

No problem in being "negative" only if you can justify your opinion. Thanks for noticing vocabulary errors, I still have a problem in building sentences. I thought that navigation is easy to handle, that's why I have wrote these hints to the bottom of the screen.

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3.27 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2019
6:01 AM EDT
Strategy - Other