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9 Gems

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Explore a small cove littered with golden gems. You have none at first, but you must find them ALL!

Created in 3 days for the Ludum Dare 45 game jam using the theme "Start with Nothing".

I ran out of time for sound effects or an ending. Use your imagination! ;P

- Arrow keys or WASD to move.

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Ignore the asshats. They're just used to old pros cranking out games that would rival their usual stuff. I can totally see you going somewhere once you have some more experience. Keep it up!

Atikyne responds:

Thank you! Don't worry, I think critical feedback is useful as long as one can keep the right perspective. :)

This hurts my eyes and what do you do win you git the 9 gems i tryed to get on the bote and yeah its not that good i want to see shadows for the blocks but just try to make this beater and I really do want to see this go big I just dont see THIS go big and theirs no story why he/she is getting the gems it if for a new ship or trying to get out of that place and making a rocket. And I like a good back story for a game. And needs a song or back ground music.P.S I REALLY want to see this go big i hate to see game makers make a game and re think like "no one well like this" or "all thay think is iam a loser and i never shood make games agen" and i do see potential alot of if to.

Atikyne responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I do eventually want to make a finished game like what this tried to be, which I can definitely do with more time. :)

I know there's only so much you can expect from something made for a game jam, but this is just... not very good. The justification for the theme is pretty weak and the game itself is just a really basic maze(and, as you yourself noted, it lacks basic things such as an ending). You could have at least tried to make the maze itself challenging.

Atikyne responds:

Thanks for the honest feedback! Due to to my inexperience I spent most of the jam building the basic systems such as rendering the levels, so by the time I got to designing the world I was down to the last couple hours and couldn't spend any time making a good gameplay experience. The original plan was to have a story relating better to the theme.

Yea it's alright

Atikyne responds:

Thanks! :P

This was actually kind of fun. Found them all but it took me a minute to figure it out lol I like the maze like effect. Great job for a 3 day job.
Hope you pass judgement so you can add the ending and sound effects or whatever;)

Edit: No problem. I enjoyed the game. and I'll more than likely play it again.☺

Atikyne responds:

Thank you! :)

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2.79 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2019
10:42 PM EDT