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DMX Meets David Bowie

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A tribute to two of my favourites. In the middle of the night, David Bowie is woken up by DMX making a ruckus outside. He lets him in, and together they have a snack, play some games and sing a song.

I've been making mashups for a few years but I don't usually post them online. I really love DMX and David Bowie, and one night I was just messing around cutting up audio of them, and various scenes started to take shape. It was initially just a radioplay, but it seemed like it would work better with visuals. Eventually after finishing my latest Sublo and Tangy Mustard episode, I wanted to do a shorter, easier project in a different style. This idea had remained on my mind for a while so I finally did it. All in all, the visuals took about ten days. It was nice to do a project so fast again, purely for fun-- I don't care that it's messy and janky. I doubt anyone else will find it quite as funny as I do, but anyway here it is!

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I've seen this video a while ago but am now only just reviewing I love the weird and unique style you chose to do for this and it might be one of my favorite animations on here (and YouTube) very creative and very fun. The sentence mixing has to be my favorite part, thank you for the great animation! also rest in piece David Bowie and DMX

Aaron-Long responds:

thanks! it was a fun little spontaneous thing, I loved doing the sentence mixing!

I don't know what that was but I liked it I think

How does this masterpiece not have 10,000 views already?