Reviews for "DMX Meets David Bowie"

Okay, ignoring the animation, which is unique in a perfect way, a style that I absolutely adore and wish I could see more of ANYWHERE
And, ignoring the sentence mixing and the story, which is done in such a way to be humorous (not laughing till I cry funny, though none of your work is trying for that kind of humor, I feel) and is a nice cute romp
And, of course, ignoring the production quality and the quickness since your last massive work, which is incredible in it's own right.
WHEN are we gonna get a full version of that ending song?

This was truly wonderful, it made me honestly believe that DMX and David Bowie could have been friends in real life.

I didn't know I needed this in my life. Brilliant!

Well this is just amazing.

This is one of the best pieces on Newgrounds. I came back to watch it again.