Red Skull Reef

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Red Skull Reef is a pirate themed tower defence where you are tasked to defend your city from an infinite hoard of pirate ships, use the unique capabilities of each tower matched with the environment to optimise your wave score.

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Showed Ok premise, but lacked in common areas.
Nice diversity of cannons, directionality and placement mattered.
Waves weren't clearly delinated.
No idea if upgrading was worth it or not, couldn't see stats so had to guess.
putting a retractable menu over a very necessary part of the screen was an excercise in tedium to place and/or upgrade stuff under the menu
no pause feature meant placing stuff and upgrading and trying to keep an eye on when i was getting more money (because it never tells you it just sneakily shows up in bank) was tough
Hit wave forty-something relatively easily like 3rd try.

RobotRage responds:

Thanks for the feedback, i do agree with most of your points, this was my first TD game so balance and mechanics were difficult to nail down perfectly.

how do I turn on hard mode in ten minutes

Did you even try?

day 38...

Buttons for "pause" and "next wave" would have been a nice luxury, but even without them it still wasn't terribly frantic.

There isn't any sort of data on the towers or attacking ships; that's okay though, because strategically, you can ignore the outer two forts and use the island space for spamming treasure chests. Then, build a bunch of skulls on the middle track. I got to wave 40 on my second run through with this strategy. Nothing too complicated, but a fun game for a few dozen minutes; certainly beats the hell out of most of the other games available for free.

RobotRage responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I do agree that Next wave and pause could have been a nice addition. Regarding the outer towers, balance was definitely an issue, i didn't want to debuff the towers too much so as to make you loose instantly upon loosing one so i decided to lean for a smaller debuff. (maybe not enough penalty)

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3.08 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2019
10:26 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense
  • Unity