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Baby Boy (EN Subtitles)

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Claymation horror comedy about the joys and worries of growing up. It's in Lithuanian, with English subtitles. At almost 23 minutes, it is my longest claymation yet. I had to cut some corners with the quality of animation, because otherwise I probably would have not been able to make such a long movie at all, and I really wanted to tell this story :). I hope you'll like it. Thanks for watching.

Check out my youtube channel too: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOeMSoq_mpKwlR9u8JSsqvg

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Clay unique and stylish

I have to say I really enjoyed this mainley for the clay but also because you mixed other elements with it other then clay like the structures, the subtitles are very nice addition make it so much more enjoyble, would love to see you make more of these especially with the story elements, Some nice submission here Clay unique and stylish thats what I say when I first see this you bring out the best in clay mation and make it look fun, you bring some nice story element too this was a nice movie with some unoque clay so keep at it and make more.

would love to see you make more of these especially with the story elements


Oh man... this is the kind of stuff that might really induce some nightmares. XD Was thinking when it first started out, and you're trying to read the subtitles when the eye blink animation happens... that it's almost like their eyes pop out somewhat. Somewhat disturbing effect I thought then, but little did I know...

I'm curious, the knitted wool sweater for the mail woman, was that custom made for this? Also curious how you made the little dust clouds during the car ride? The amount of attention that goes into not just the camera placement and transition, but the lighting - their entire world really changing between night and day, the weight of the items on the grass before they pick them up... even if the claymation itself is somewhat choppy all those details feel really genuine. And a claymation character playing with clay hmm, might be the first time I see that. :) This started so calmly but... damn, what a turn it took. The final monster might've been the most fluid one of all too...

Solid work on sound effects as well. Felt like it started a bit slow, but when you really get into it... not sure why I end all these sentences with an ellipses but it just feels like that kind of story...

Masterful but pretty disturbing work! Though not without a hint of comedy too. At least as long as the kid was still alive.


djavh responds:

Hey, thanks a lot for a comment. I enjoy yours in particular, because they're always in depth and it's apparent that you pay attention when watching stuff.

All of the clothing was custom made for this movie. My girlfriend, sister and mother worked on this. The particular knitted sweaters for mail woman and car driver were made by my mother, since she had a serious leg injury at the time, couldn't walk and had nothing else to do. She enjoys knitting a lot, so she made a bunch of cute little sweaters for my projects :).

Dust clouds were made out of little balls of cotton wool.

At the end, I'm happy with this movie, except for walking animations (it was impossible to properly animate walk cycles with my shitty homemade armatures for the puppets, since their feet kept falling off...). Image quality is crappy too, especially for nighttime scenes (sadly, I just can't afford a proper camera now).

BTW, if you're really interested in behind the scenes stuff, look for AurimasFilms on facebook. There are tons of pictures from a lot of my claymation projects there.


oopsie someone sacrificed their son to demons for the good of their kingdom

I imaginate a penis fairy... yeah, that will be disturbing...

djavh responds:

As much as I love creepy things, I really wouldn't like to see that... :D

jesus christ

djavh responds:

I love when people react to my horror movies like this :D. Thank you :)

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Oct 6, 2019
10:18 AM EDT