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The Farm.

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Author Comments

A calm Experience, on a farm. this is my first game uploaded on here.

feedback and critique is greatly appreciated..

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So, I wasn't going to review this until, but then I came back to view comments and saw a particular comment that I wanted to address.

In review of the game it was mediocre. It wasn't anything grand, nor was it horrible. It did feel like it could use to be flushed out some.
1) The dog interaction doesn't change if you have the treats or not. This is despite that you are warned about the dog by some random person.
2) Collecting eggs and things does nothing.
3) You can't throw the rock, I assume you jump into the water, but you don't make the ending very clear.
4) The cow, and the covered hole in the ground and the cat poop almost seem like test scenery more than actual scenery, or for that matter anything of use or value.

You say the game doesn't have a story, yet there seems to be the start of a story in it the hole, the blood, the dead chicken, etc. From a players perspective it feels like you started to make a story and then got bored before you finished setting it up and decided to publish it as is. It is for this reason the game is mediocre. In fact the more I think on it I almost want to knock another half star off of my rating, but I won't.

Now the reason I actually made this post. I totally agree with padraigpurple a 'Chicken Coup' game would be awesome.

Just to clarify, coop is a place where chickens are kept. Coup refers to a coup d'etat, a sudden often violent overthrow of an existing government. So he doesn't per say want a chicken coop game, he wants a chicken coup game. Where the chickens violently overthrow the system (most likely our silly farmer, and probably the dog who killed their sisters in arms). I could see that being a very entertaining little game.

Bubbleking0923 responds:

I totally get i mainly out the game up here to get critque and See what people thought. All critique is good critique. As this was my first game, I'm just trying things out and fiddling around with mechanics. This was a first try. Thank you for The response.