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Ikimono High: The Visual Novel (web version)

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Ikimono High: The Visual Novel is now available for web!

*Please use the latest version of Firefox, Chrome is good too but Firefox is highly recommended
*If you want the smoothest gameplay consider downloading the ren'py version
*Use the Settings if you want to change from fullscreen to window
*Please be patient while the game is downloading


Made using Ren'Py engine and RenpyWeb

Ren'Py version of the game:


Back when humanity was at its infancy, other beings ruled the world. On the present day, they are called mythical creatures or monsters...but they aren't so mythical as we've thought. For thousands of years, humans and these beings lived together in harmony. Everything was all peaceful until something grew in the hearts of men. Fear.

Because of this, they were separated by the gods. Humans have forgotten that they once lived side by side with these extraordinary beings. Until thousand of years later, when a human boy accidentally discovered them on their safe haven. Or was it fate?

Join Kei Nakajima, the boy who reunited humanity and other beings as he transfers to an all-monsters school, Ikimono High. There he will face challenges like friendship, love and surviving the school year.

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hidzume best

Overall a pretty good visual novel. I went down every route as I genuinely enjoyed the game though a couple flaws on a few routes keep it from getting the 5 star. still there are definitely more positives than negatives on it, and I'm not even one who is into monster girls that way, but the characters were really likeable and the story interesting so kudos. The music could get a bit repetitive after a bit, but still wasn't bad or anything. That said, while I liked most of the routes, I felt like some of the student council member's routes were... idk a little rushed? I would've liked to get to know some of them a little better before they just decided they were in love with me unlike with most of the other girls where you really got to spend time with them. That said it was only on a few routes, and most of the routes had strong characters and story which of course is the main point behind a visual novel. It was a sweet story (though notice I've been a bit more vague on things due to not wanting to spoil the game for others reading this) and never really gets degenerate anywhere which is actually fitting given the setting that they are in a school so that was pretty good as well. Excellent work on it, it's a genuinely good visual novel. I suppose as well, the main character seems... incredibly nice even given some circumstances in parts of the story which slightly detracts but not nearly by enough to be too troublesome.

holy shit hidzume is waifu material holy shiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttt hidzume good

I really love the game. I would 100% rate 100 if I could

I am 100 percent certain that Oji is a Chunibyo reference. I love that