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Beat level 10

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

This game is all about Gravity, Gravity controls the field, and you control Gravity. You win if you make it to the final level(note: at the moment, there is no indicated that you've won so once it stops loading levels, you've won... for now.) You lose if you die.

To be implemented: more levels, monetization, web-version

Implemented:Lives, Start Menu,End, and Win scenes

At 100 votes or at 1000 views I will add more levels, plus reveal the secret medal.

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God I hate this game. The controls are the biggest obstacle in this game, not bob.
Seriously, the game is so stupid

What's the point of the option "quit", though?
Oh, and the secret medal doesn't work btw. I guess that YOU need to unlock it first, before anyone else can.

Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

Fix your game man! It should have been obvious the problem is the game crashes and leaves that exact error message when you try to "play" this game. (It actually doesn't even load correctly). I shouldn't have to be explaining this to you right now. My short and concise initial review should have been clear enough as it is a direct copy/paste of the exact error message the game throws at the player's face!

Game doesn't work, crashes, and throws up errors? Then I'm going to rate it a big fat 0 unless you fix it. Simple. Nothing personal, but I'm not going to give a good rating to something that won't even load correctly and which I'm not even able to play due to terribly buggy code!

I could have just said "Fix your game" as my review and left it at that, but that would not have been helpful. I left you enough information to be able to fix your game. Not my fault if you don't understand it.

Viseper responds:

The thing is though, it works for me. And I get no errors, I've been trying to figure out whats wrong but as far as I can tell. It's not my fault nor is there anything in the code either.

You can't see the walls

Viseper responds:

I know, working on fixing it right now.

The game looks fun, but sometimes the controls don't respond, causing me to die.

Viseper responds:

Note: Gravity can only be changed every so often. You've just got to get the feel of it, otherwise it'll too easy. Also no indicator is because it's designed to add a bit of uncertainty.

I like the idea, but I'm not sure I really understand the gravity of the situation here... seems like movement is based more upon invisible paths than upon physics? The first few levels were alright, but I feel like the name's a bit misleading, and the difficulty really skyrockets with the 'evil' one. Is there some simple trick I'm missing there, maybe?

Also would be nice if the level numbers were noted too. A little more polish: this could be pretty good! Entertaining random messages when you run into Bob too.


Viseper responds:

Okay the random pathing is just because of Unity physics but I will try and polish the game some more. This was the first game I've ever made in Unity so... Also the way it baked the walls became invisible.

Credits & Info

2.63 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2019
7:13 AM EDT
Strategy - Other
  • Unity