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IDLE Pizza

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Pizzas are so delicious, and what could be better than eating pizza? Of course, cook it!
Serve delicious pieces of pizza with a luxurious filling, use all kinds of ingredients so that your customers fully feel the atmosphere of a real Italian restaurant and that your pizzeria grows into a huge restaurant chain!
Idle Pizzeris is interesting pizza baking game for pizza lovers. Make pizza. Add more cheese, sauce, tomatoes and pepperoni. Upgrade your pizzas to make more money. Build a pizzeria around the world. Open your own pizzeria and become its fast manager, which pleases every hungry visitor!

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Am I the only one who leaves the game to do something else, only to come back and find I have to start all over again? I legit have to "Build" my first pizza place after coming back again.
Just so you know, I always pick North America to Build my first Pizza Place, and I leave to do something else and I come back, it's all gone, and I gotta start all over!
Someone tell me why.

I loved the game, well done to you and im sure with time you will keep on getting better and i cannot wait to see. But the game could certain use some more options, maybe even being able to customise the restaurant and being able to adding more managers to get money to safe quicker.

Decent game for an Idle clicker, but there are a few issues.

First of all, it took me FOREVER to realize you could click to get more customers and manually prepare orders immediately. Now I realize the start of the game points to this, but the effect was not apparent since there was no text box to explain things, so I didn't learn about that before restarting twice already.

Graphics aren't the best, but then, clickers are rarely about the graphics to begin with, so this is easily passable.

Although, it does feel like something is missing; maybe add a simple soundtrack or sound effects? The lack of audio makes things a tad boring.

I've noticed a few glitches in the game:

-You can sometimes upgrade a pizza BEYOND max level, which takes over ten hours, but I'm unsure if it actually has an effect or not.

-Occasionally, the triangle warning sign appears on the World menu icon, but it seems nothing important has occurred in either of my locations.

-Speaking of locations, it seems I cannot open a third location. I'm not sure if I have to unlock or purchase anything, but it doesn't seem to want to open.
(In case this detail/progress is important, I have NA with a three resets, and SA with 1 reset.)

Other than that, a few quality of life placements would really spruce things up. Upgrades for Manager Speed (Not just $ Transfer Rate), maybe even a Manager Pause feature (For statistical nerds like me who want to see how each individual stand is doing) and then you can never go wrong with more pizza options/upgrades, maybe even more upgrade types for each individual stand.

Overall, a decent game with few (But noticeable) issues.

Great Game!

It's good but it would be nice to cook the pizza.

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2019
12:42 PM EDT

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