Madness Unification Ep 1 | The Beginning

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Somewhere in Nevada...
A new alliance has formed, an independent alliance called the Green Union. They want to bring down A.A.H.W, nothing and no-one will stop them on their path, as long as they have something to say about it.
Their first mission is to retrieve Mag technology and make it easier to bring down A.A.H.W. Let's just hope nothing goes too badly..
Credits to Krinkels, the original creator of the madness combat series.

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I can't recover. Several fundamental misunderstandings for making a project.

SpadeBoy responds:

I am working on a new project, it's a continuation on this, this time i've practiced a little bit more, and i think its going to turn out OK. Honestly i regret posting this. But i'm not the kind of person to delete it.

>what the fuck was that.

SpadeBoy responds:


my life be like when this animation can only get the compliment of being dogshit

SpadeBoy responds:

honestly same here

Cool man nice job

the choppiness of the animation can be improved on, but the biggest problem I have with this is the shaky cam, it gets disorientating really quickly. Maybe try to just pan the camera a bit to the sides or leave it motionless next time, otherwise it just kinda feels like a motion-sickness simulator. If you want some examples of great action scenes to get a better feel for how the camera should behave look at the john wick franchise or mission impossible fallout.

SpadeBoy responds:

Thank you for the feedback, I'm making another episode and considering all the feedback I get, this really does help. I will most definitely tone down the camera movement as even i saw that as a problem.

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Sep 23, 2019
3:26 PM EDT
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