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Helix Jump

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Maxi jump is a very basic version on Helix jump

controls:left arrow / right arrow

This game was made in 2 days.

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A rather confusing one for those who don't know how it works in the game, but lemme say it to you, audience.

Basically, you need to get through all of the red platforms around the cylinder wall to reach the yellow platform, which is at the end of the level, which you'll need to avoid still and moving blue hazards that could launch you back to the top where you need to start all over again. Sometimes the red platforms will break, but the blue hazards will remain if it does break. Not sure if it is a bug, but i thought it is interesting to see it. Each level you complete, the level gets longer.

I have to say it because there's no menu or the tutorial on how it works. Without the menu it may force you to play the game without any possible details. The controls are slippery and sometimes the ball will bounce less or not bounce at all when landing on edges of the platform, which is rather strange. The colors are also too saturated and it has frame hiccups every few miliseconds. If you keep the ball bouncing too long it'll bounce higher until the first platform breaks. Which is rather strange in my opinion.

I may suggest add in more details on what the game does and add in the menu for those who want to get to know about the game before playing.

It's a bit rough in its design. The controls are a tad too slow, there's no mouse "click and drag" control to simulate the phone touch screen, you can see some dev objects in the background, and the music resets each time you beat it. There's also no progression at all.

However, as a prototype, this is pretty good! It just needs more polishing to get to the level that Helix Jump itself is at.

a mi si que me funciona,muy entretenido

i don't know why it doesn't work for other for me it works just well

Maxi1324 responds:

I also dosen't know why it won't works for so much people but thank you for your command now i know IT works at least for one person

Theres no real goal...

Maxi1324 responds:

Yes that's right